Jessi Davis Photography | About

Hello! Thank you for visiting my site. My name is Jessica Davis, but you can call me Jessi. I was born and raised in Michigan, then I moved down to Clarksville, Tennessee in 2009, and now I live in San Antonio, Texas since the beginning of March 2016. I am happily married to the husband of my dreams, and I am a proud mother to our beautiful daughter Audree and my stepdaughter Kylie.


I have always been interested in photography, but really wanted to pursue my hobby when Audree was born. My husband bought my camera for me as a surprise, and it has brought me so much joy being able to capture every moment possible as the girls are growing up.


Although we wish our children could just stay little forever, they don’t. Thankfully, photography allows us to keep that special time with us instead of letting it fade away as just a memory. That is exactly why photography will always be my passion, and I would love to help you capture the moments that you cherish.